Address: 918 Granville St | Neighbourhood: Granville | Established: 1941 | Currently: Active
Image of the Vogue Theatre sign

A bootlegging legend named Harry Reifel started building the Vogue Theatre in 1940. The following spring in April 1941, Vancouver residents bought tickets for 15 to 35 cents to participate in opening-day festivities. The day featured a performance by 23-year-old saxophonist Dal Richards leading a special 25-piece band for the occasion.

Dal Richards would continue a lifelong musical career, and his big-band orchestra is still active today, performing across the city.

The Vogue will always hold a special place in Dal’s heart, he says. The same is true for many more generations of Vancouver residents. The theatre continues to thrive as a hotspot for a wide range of live cultural events.

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Dal Richards
Dal Richards said…
“The Vogue is a very beautiful theatre. And its neon sign has always been very artistic. Clearly the winner, I'd say, if there were a contest..."
Jon-Paul Walden
Jon-Paul Walden said…
“I had to dabble with the neon constantly. It was sort of my pet project. I love the effect it had turning it on at night…”
Dal Richards
Dal Richards wrote…
“Vaudeville needed a lot of room in those days when they had the vaudeville acts. The quarters backstage are cramped. Even the dressing rooms are..."

“The Vogue was built for vaudeville by the Reifel family. But it had problems because it was on Granville, and the rear was on the lane, and there was not enough depth there for a legitimate theatre stage.

It’s narrow. It’s good, it’s a fine presentation house, but vaudeville needed a lot of room in those days when they had the vaudeville acts. The quarters backstage are quite cramped. Even the dressing rooms are.

But now, the house is beautiful: new ceiling, new tapestries, new lighting. It’s quite elegant. And I’m glad to see it’s very busy now. There’s travelling acts playing there all the time at the Vogue.”

— Dal Richards, saxophonist, big-band leader


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Great sign !
Mon 15 Jul 2013

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The Vogue Theatre Opening Night 1941
Jimmy Rogers outside the Vogue 1960
The Vogue Theatre 1946
The Vogue Theatre 1958
The Vogue Theatre Opening Ad 1941
Vogue Sign 1982
Devo at the Vogue Theatre 2011
Devo at the Vogue Theatre 2011
Wolf Parade at the Vogue Theatre 2010
Estelle at the Vogue Theatre 2009
Statue of Roman Goddess Diana 2010
Vogue Foyer circa 1930

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